Welcome to JFK’s PTSA Website!

Welcome to John F. Kennedy High School PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association)!

Parent involvement does not stop at the high school level! Simply because we are a high school it is even more critical that parents are active participants in the daily activities at JFK. We are here to help all parents and students so feel free to contact us at

Our semester membership goal is to reach 500 members!

We invite all parents, JFK staff and teachers plus our students to join!

We are now 187 members strong!

We wish to announce an emergency general PTA meeting

which will be held in our parent center on

December 14, 2015 at 6:00 pm.

There is a guest speaker Jonathan Coto from the office that provided the grant that will be given to the school. Mr. Coto will discuss the grant and how the line items that were voted on last year to be given to the school will be purchased.

We hope you can be there!

The PTSA does a lot for our school including:

  • Sponsoring Senior Grad Nite at Disneyland
  • Pay for buses for field trips
  • Purchase equipment for the band
  • Co-Sponsor Faculty Appreciation Luncheon
  • Pay for field trip entrance fees
  • Provide 2 mountain bike for the raffle during the Homecoming Pep Rally
  • (Students and parents who become members will receive a raffle ticket for each membership (in addition to the one for the meal application). If mom, dad, and student turn in PTSA membership (3x$8=$24) and if they turn in the meal application, they could receive 4 raffle tickets to win one of the two mountain bikes being raffled off at the Homecoming Pep Rally.)
  • And much, much more….


In  2014-2015 YOUR donations to PTSA helped provide:

    Co-sponsored Teacher and Staff Appreciation Luncheon

  Co-sponsored the “Power Breakfast” for all students

   ROTC and Trip donations

    $$ for needy families

  Grad Nite Sponsors


THIS year 2015-2016 YOUR donations to PTSA will help provide:

  •       MORE money per student for scholarships
  •      Co sponsoring Teacher/Staff Appreciation Lunch
  •      Co sponsoring “Power Breakfast” for all students
  •      What may come along that we can help with


Check the getting around our site link on the right side for more information!

Please SUPPORT our cause

so we can do much MORE for our school!


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